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·         What's new... - What's new on this site (31 October 06) Description: Description: New content

·         About biathlon - A brief description and history (08 Feb 96)

·         Biathlon race formats - A summary of the race formats, distances and target sizes currently in use (21 May 01)

·         Coyote Point Race Information - Information on upcoming Coyote Point Biathlons (13 August 08)

·         Race Information - A list of upcoming Biathlon events (09 December 04)

·         Rifle Tips and Techniques - Technical information on rifles, shooting, and ammunition , and what and where to purchase Biathlon rifles (23 Apr 10)

·         Skiing Tips and Techniques - Technical information and references for skiis, ski prep, and waxes (08 Feb 96)

·         Bay Area Biathlon Group and Auburn Ski Club - How to contact other biathletes in Northern California (09 Nov 96)

·         Biathlon Links - Links to Biathlon organizations in North America and Europe, and other web pages dealing with biathlon and ski conditions (02 Jan 04)

·         Biathlon Clubs - Contact points for clubs in the US and Canada (14 Jan 08)

·         Picture Gallery - Pictures from US Biathlon Nationals , Biathlon World Cup, Auburn Ski Club time trials and races, Colorado Biathlon Club Winter races, and Summer Biathlon races across the Western US (31 October 06)

·         Race Results ambien - Results of primarily California races and 1996 US Nationals (09 Nov 04)

·         Ski For Light International - A non-profit org which provides a cross-country skiing guide service for adults with visual and mobility impairments. This is a fun group, and you don't need to be an expert skier to volunteer as a guide. Finally volunteered this winter and it was fun! (03 Nov 98)

·         Canadian Paralympic Committee- Speaking of visual impairments, you may be surprised to learn that the visually impaired (including the completely blind) also compete in Biathlon! (01 Jan 05)

·         Biathlon t-shirts clonazepam - Pictures of t-shirts I've collected from biathlon events I've participated in. (06 June 04)

·         Link to my home page - An eclectic collection of pages covering Telescope Making, Ice/Roller Hockey, The Giving Tree, Western Trails history, A Capella Singing, Country Western Dancing, and Windsurfing, (05 June 97)

·         Personal pictures - Pictures of some of my non-biathlon persuits. (31 May 10)

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