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Everything your significant other needs to know about things to do near Auburn Ski Club...

This page last updated 16 July 2001.

Here is a list of potential things your significant other might do while you're racing, or maybe both of you can do after the race. If none of the activities below are of any interest, or even if they are, definately stick around after the race for a potluck at the Auburn Ski Club lodge. There are limited kitchen facilities - we will also have a barbeque pit. We will supply drinks.

Walk the Trails - There are a lot of walking trails around Auburn Ski Club where we will be doing the race - we will only be using a small subset of them.

Swim - Brrrr.... but there is a sandy beach for swimming at Donner Lake. Water temperatures will be in the low 60's this time of year.

Windsurf - Got a wetsuit? Was it too windy to shoot straight? (Doubtful - we're in a relatively sheltered area. Think of another excuse ;-)) You can rent a windsurf rig at Donner Lake as well. You're welcome to browse my windsurfing page while you're at it.

Carbo-load - There is a microbrewery in Truckee - not bad.

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