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Race track

Background: Laguna Seca is located near Monterey, California approximately 80 minutes south of San Jose airport. If the location sounds familiar it may be because you've heard of Laguna Seca Speedway- a 2.2 mile long race track which hosts SCCA events, CART, Monterey Grand Prix and Monterey historic car races, as well as several motorcycle races.

The speedway is part of a county park, and the park also includes a shooting facility as well as 177 improved campsites (with a great view of the speedway if there happens to be a motor race the same weekend as the biathlon), shower facilities, and trails for both hiking and mountain biking. The Sea Otter Classic race, one of the biggest mountain bike events in the country occurs here in April.

Update:Though the County of Monterey Parks Department were quite receptive to hosting this event, it appears that the insurance requirements are more than the USBA or myself can afford, so unless someone knows where I could obtain primary insurance cheaply, this event will probably not happen.

I have looked over the facilities (see pictures below), and it would support a 5-8km run over a hilly course on mostly dirt trails with one road crossing. There is adequate space to set up a penalty loop, and enough room on the range to set up both 25 and 50m targets to accomodate sport and match class racers.

Overview of Laguna Seca from ridge behind range. Range Facilities. I'm thinking of setting up the penalty loop in the lower lot. Looking down from range.
Public Firing line Me ready to check out the race track (obviously not for biathlon!) "Hot laps" were part of a charity fund raising event by the Porsche Club of the Bay Area the day I checked out the range. A few laps of hitting 110 plus mph then going through the infamous "corkscrew" turns - that got my heart rate up!

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