Shots from Coyote Point

Summer Biathlon

April 30, 2000

This page created 30 April 2000

This Summer Biathlon was organized by Allen Takahashi. The race took place in the San Francisco Bay Area not far from the San Francisco airport. The weather was gorgeous - no wind, temperatures in the upper sixties to low seventies, clear and dry. Sixty biathletes ran the course, and many stayed for the post race shoot-off, food, and awards ceremony. The results are posted here.

Thanks to the RSOs of the Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Range for doing so much of the coaching and range set-up, all of you who stayed to help clean up, to Fred Call who handled the shoot-off, helped zeo rifles and target set-up, to paul and Jill McCandles, who handled with race registration and start timing, to Hank for doing finish timing, the Aufrances for taking care of the rifles after the race, those who helped with the many chores that I've forgotten to mention, and a special thanks to Wally and Liese Rapozo for putting in so much volunteer time every step of the way! The race would not have come off without all of your help and participation. And a thanks to our sponsors - Marlin Rifles, and Federal Ammunition.

The following pictures were taken with a Nikon digital camera. Considering how well rated this camera is, I was mildly disappointed with the quality - especially in terms of color balance. It's probably because the camera is so complicated, I haven't figured out how to use it right yet. Your computer monitor color depth needs to be set to thousands for the colors to be even close. This page will take 2-3 minutes to load at 14.4 K baud. Click on a picture to see the full-sized version. By the way, if you run Internet Explorer on Windows 3.1, I've had some problems with pictures not coming up properly.

Race registration Starters Paul calling racers
Fred in the range Range safety instruction Tony in the range
More shooters Coming into the facilities Mary Kay cruising
Hank timing the finishers More starters Finisher
More starters Standing shooters Prone shooter
More prone shooters Scott doing standing targets Shoot-off briefing
The food table The food table Tony and Paul
The group shot