Coyote Point Biathlon Course

How to get to the end...

Last Update - 16 August 1999

The course:

The event course is a 5400 foot loop - e.g. one mile and some change. (Thanks Wally for use of the measuring wheel!). For ease in setup and following the trail, we will use the same loop for all three legs of the event. The course will be moderately hilly - probably 200 ft of elevation gain (<70 feet for each leg), and asphalt, but shaded over most of it's length, with beautiful views of the bay at the far end. Some misc. shots and a trail map is shown below - the course loop is marked in red. Just FYI, I have not decided whether we will run the course clockwise or counterclockwise. Also, if you have trouble bringing up the pictures, try pushing the reload button a few times.

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Map of the park trails

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