Coyote Point Race Venue - Things to do

Everything your significant other needs to know about things to do near Coyote Point...

This page last updated 11 July 2002.

Here is a list of potential things your significant other might do while you're racing, or maybe both of you can do after the race. If none of the activities below are of any interest, there are also alot of picnic tables - and there are nice views of the small harbor just on the other side of the hill we will be running on. If the weather is clear, you can see the San Francisco -Oakland Bay Bridge, and the San Mateo Bridge.

Walk the Coyote Point Park Trails - There are a lot of walking trails where we will be doing the race - we will only be using a small subset of them. There are nice views of the bay to be had. This link also tells you more about what the Coyote Point Park is all about.

Visit the Coyote Point Museum - The Coyote Point Museum always has interesting exhibits - last year it was a live and terminally cute Coyote pup! Call to see what's there. General museum admission: is $3 adults, $2 seniors and students (13-17), $1 children (4-12), children under 4 and Museum members free. Hours: Tues.-Sat. 10am-5pm, Sunday 12 noon-5pm. Call for information (650) 342-7755. It is an easy walk from the race start.

Swim - Brrrr.... but there is a sandy beach for swimming in the bay (or getting a beautiful fog-burn). Water temperatures will be in the low 60's this time of year.

Dine out - Here's the local Dining Guide

Shop till you drop - And here's the local Shopping Guide

Windsurf - Got a wetsuit? Was it too windy to shoot straight? (Doubtful - the wind doesn't usually kick in until 3-4pm. Think of another excuse ;-)) You can rent a windsurf rig at nearby ASD You're welcome to browse my windsurfing page while you're at it.

Golf - here Just watch where you put that ball - we're literally right across the street from the course!

Ice Skate - You can take a shot at another sport I'm heavily involved in - skate fast, shoot straight, and have fun!!

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