Pictures from the Coyote Point

Summer Biathlon

November 30, 2003

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The following are pictures from the ninth San Mateo Summer Biathlon held at Coyote Point County Park in San Mateo, California. For those of you who are interested, the results are posted here.

For the first time in nine races, we got less than perfect weather. Temperatures were in the low sixties, with light winds and intermittent light rain. But in spite of the rain, the long holiday weekend, and a major foot race called the FarSide run at the same time that several Coyote Point regulars opted to run instead, 32 racers signed up to do the last Summer Biathlon of the season.

Due to a breakdown in communications, we had more than just rain to contend with. I was not informed that a major cyclo-cross event was scheduled for the same time and venue as our race - and had a course layout that crossed ours at two points. That event consisted of several hundred cyclists - several of whom were trying to qualify for the National team, on a muddy hilly course. Just what I needed to find out with racers lined up at the start line. Fortunately, there were no collisions, some of the NCNCA officials graciously let us use one of their canopies to shelter the finish line timers, and after our race was over, it was interesting watching the NCNCA races, which lasted all day.

With the lighter than normal attendance, we were able to do a shoot-off with .22 rifles before the mandated range shutdown at 10am. The winner of the shoot-off among the Marlin shooters was Brian Hansen - one of the Lowell HS shooters. The best Anshutz shooter and overall winner was Adam Bechtel. As a side note, the only biathletes other than Adam to shoot clean during the race were both woman - Christine Harkin and Liese Rapozo. Congrats to all of you for some great shooting!

Thanks to all the RSOs of the Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Range for running the shooting clinic and helping with range set-up and teardown, Paul Mackenzie for doing race registration, much of the data entry, and tabulating race results , Wally and Liese Rapozo for food shopping, purchasing and distributing door prizes, helping with Rifle zero and range set-up, and all of you who helped clean up and load my vehicle so I wouldn't aggrevate my broken arm. The race would not have come off without all of your help and participation.

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