Shots from Coyote Point

Summer Biathlon

September 11, 1999

This page created 14 September 99 (Revised 19 Sep 99)

This Summer Biathlon was organized by Allen Takahashi. The race took place in the San Francisco Bay Area not far from the San Francisco airport. The weather was cool and calm - with fog on the bay. Forty six biathletes ran the course, and most stayed for the post race shoot-off, food, and awards ceremony. The results are posted here.

Thanks to the RSOs of the Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Range and especially Mike for doing so much of the coordination and range set-up, Mom for doing registration, John for checking the course and running the shoot-off, Lynne for helping with data entry, Donn for doing the race start list, Dave for tracking the finishers and helping with tabulating results, Scott for helping pack up, all of you who stayed to help clean up - and a special thanks to Wally and Liese Rapozo for putting in so much volunteer time every step of the way! The race would not have come off without all of your help and participation. Also thanks to the the USBA sponsors - Marlin, Savage Arms, Federal, Aearo, KK Air, and Adidas who provide the equipment and ammunition.

The following pictures were taken with a Sony Digital Mavica digital camera, which unfortunately doesn't have quite the spatial and color resolution of film (e.g. you can't really make out people at any distance). Your computer monitor color depth needs to be set to thousands for the colors to be even close. This page will take 2-3 minutes to load at 14.4 K baud. Click on a picture to see the full-sized version. By the way, if you run Internet Explorer on Windows 3.1, I've had some problems with pictures not coming up properly.

Race registration Volunteer registrars Pre-race instruction to the RSOs
Dave describing the running course Range safety instruction Shooting practice
More range work Scott pushing for the finish Dave manning the finish line
The food Another racer finishes Standing shooters
More picnic Group picture Leise crosses the finish!
Women's shoot-off Overall Men's, Womans, and shoot-off winners