Biathlon Rifle Dealers

Dealers of Biathlon Rifles in the US, Canada and Mexico...
This page was last updated 03 December 2009

The following is an incomplete list of dealers in North America that supposedlyly sell Anshutz rifles, biathlon rifles, biathlon air rifles, or biathlon specific accessories. You might also want to check out the manufacturers web pages below. I have only had experience with a couple of these dealers. I bought my first rifle through Accuracy International, which closed it's doors in summer of 1999, and bought my second through Neal Johnson's Gunsmithing. I know a couple of people who have purchased rifles from Altius Handcrafted Firearms and were happy with them. If you know of other dealers or you have opinions on the ones I have listed, I would appreciate hearing from you. Please send an email to

Anshutz Dealers:

Neal Johnson's Gunsmithing, Inc.
208B West Buchanan St
Colorado Springs CO 80907
Tel.: 719-632-3795, 1-800-284-8671
Fax: 719-632-3493

Marc Sheppard
Altius Handcrafted Firearms
P.O. Box 1028/125 Madison Avenue
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
Tel: (406)646-9222 (Voice)
FAX: (406)646-9433(FAX)
Web page:

Champion's Choice Inc.
201 International Blvd.
La Vergne, Tennessee 37086
Tel.: 615-793-4066, 1-800-345-7179
Fax: 615-793-4070

Champion Shooter's Supply
P.O. Box 303
New Albany. Ohio 43054
Tel.: 614-855-1603, 1-800-821-4867
Fax: 614-855-1209

International Shooters Service
P.O. Box 185234
Fort Worth, TX 76181-0234
Tel.: 817-595-2090
Fax: 817-595-2090

Visions International
80 Riverside Walk
Sharpesburg, GA 30277
Tel: 678-423-0038
Fax: 678-423-0038

OK Weber, Inc.
P.O. Box 7485
Eugene, Oregon 97401
Tel: 541-747-0458
Fax: 541-747-5927

North Sylva Co.
19, Ingram Drive
Toronto, ON,Canada M6M 2L7
Tel: 416-242-4867
Fax: 416-242-2829

Pedro Rueda Jr.
Juarez 1004-A Sur
Matehualla, S. L. P., Mexico 78700
Tel.:/Fax: 4882 23 60

Izhmash Dealers:

Altius Endeavors
480 Chokecherry Lane
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
Tel: (406)646-9222

Marlin Dealers:

Too numerous to list. See the Marlin web page and check for dealers in your state.

Biathlon Air Rifle Dealers:


Manufacturer Web Pages: