Shots from Lake Hughes

Summer Biathlon

November 02, 1999

This page created 02 November 99

This Summer Biathlon was organized by Tony Whitmore. (Thanks Tony!) The race took place at Lake Hughes Community Center not far from Lancaster, California at an elevation of 4500 feet. The course was ahilly 8 km. - not you standard summer biathlon distance. And most of the participants shot air rifle, rather than the standard .22 The weather was great - temperatures in the 70s, dry, and sunny clear skies. Hard to beleive it's nearly November! Though the wind was blowing hard coming over the Grapevine, it was never a problem in the range. Thirty eight biathletes ran the hilly course, and most stayed for the post race food and drink (Chili was great!), prizes and drawings. The results will be posted here at some point.

The following pictures were taken with aSony digital camera, which unfortunately has poor spatial and color resolution (e.g. you can't really make out people at any distance) relative to most film cameras. By the way, your computer monitor color depth needs to be set to thousands for the colors to show these pictures properly. This page will take at least 3-4 minutes to load at 14.4 K baud. Some older brousers won't display the pictures properly - if you have problems, drop me a line. Click on a picture to see the full-sized version. I corrected the problem with full size pictures not loading on 05 November.

Site entrance The registrationtable Tony doing pre-race instruction
Shooting clinic and zeroing Start line prone shooters
Homemade targets The chili table Umm.. what's on his head?
Lori Checking the results The clean shooters
Men 20-30 Div Men's Div Women
Men Div Women's Div Women's Div
Men's 40-50 Div The long awaited group shot!

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