Shots from McClellan AFB

Summer Biathlon

August 22, 1998

This page created 25 August 98

This Summer Biathlon was organized by LTC Phil Barrett. (Thanks Phil!) The race took place at McClellan AFB, East and North of Sacramento, California. The course was absolutely flat - half roadway, half dirt, and the weather was warm - temperatures in the 80s, almost no wind (not that it would have mattered since the shooting range was covered), and clear skies. Forty five biathletes ran the course. The results will be posted here. at some point. I am also trying to get a few shots that the base photographer took - hopefully I'll have those here in a week or two.

The following pictures were taken with an old Apple Quicktake digital camera, which unfortunately has poor spatial and color resolution (e.g. you can't really make out people at any distance). One of these days I'll get a real digital camera. I actually took more shots, but I lost a few (somehow managed to overwrite them). Your computer monitor color depth needs to be set to thousands for proper rendition. Most of the pictuires are around 84k, so you can figure out how long it will take to get the full size versions. Click on a picture to see the full-sized version. By the way, if you have pictures from any Biathlon, I'd love to post a few more. Email me at the address below.

Dave giving course instruction Range familiarization Explaining the quirks of the target
Shooting practice before the race More shooting practice Range volunteers waiting for start
The start line Another starter And another...
Womens shoot-off Men's shoot-off The Race Participants

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