Shots from Reno

Summer Biathlon

July 10, 1999

This page created 10 July 99

This Summer Biathlon was organized by Dave and Phil Barrett. (Thanks Guys!) The race took place in the snow capped (Still!) Sierra Nevada not far from Lake Tahoe at an elevation of 8000 feet. The weather was clear and warm - temperatures in the 90s, but fortunately dry, almost no wind. Forty one biathletes ran the course, and most stayed for the post race food and drawings. The results will be posted here at some point.

The following pictures were taken with a Sony digital camera, which unfortunately still doesn't match a standard camera (e.g. you can't really make out people at any distance). I had alot of trouble reading the files - I probably had a bad floppy. Alot of the pictures were blurred beyond recognition; some I couldn't reconstruct, others don't look very good. When I get back from my next trip, I'll take another shot at recovering the pictures But don't hold your breath. This page will take 2-3 minutes to load at 14.4 K baud. Click on a picture to see the full-sized version.

Dave giving pre-race talk The registration booth Pre-race instruction Pre-race instruction
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13 14 15 Post-race gathering