Shots from Auburn Ski Club

10th Mt. Division Race

March 16, 1996

This page was last updated 16 October 96

These are some shots I took with a digital camera at the 10th Mountain Division Races at Auburn Ski Club. The camera did not produce very good images - I hope to fix that with the acquisition of a video camera and a Snappy video digitizer. This page will take 1-2 minutes to load at 14.4 Kbaud. Click on a picture to see the full-sized version.

Worden at the start gate - 72k Prone firing line - 86k Down range - 99k
Penalty loop - 90k Offhand firing line - 95k Christina at start gate - 117k
More prone shooters - 95k Sr. Mens winners Jason, Carl, and Worden - 86k