Shots from Utah

Summer Biathlon

September 26, 1998

This page created 26 September 98 - Under Construction

This Summer Biathlon was organized by Scot Binkerd. (Thanks again Scott!) The race took place near Heber City, Utah, and only a few miles from the site chosen for the 2002 Olympic Biathlon competitions. The weather looked pretty dismal the day before the race, and the forcast wasn't good for the day of the race, cutting the attendance some, but the day turned out to be just fine for the race - almost no wind, and partially cloudy skies. Thirty-something biathletes from a half dozen states ran the course. The results will be posted here at some point.

The following pictures were taken with a 35mm camera, and rephotographed with a digital camera. Like the Reno pictures, you'll just have to imagine the true color in the images - it's fall in the Wasatch Range - and the trees are changing to gold and red. By the way, your computer monitor color depth needs to be set to thousands for the colors to be even close. This page will take 2-3 minutes to load at 14.4 K baud. Click on a picture to see the full-sized version.

View of Soldiers Hollow (Olympic Venue) Pre-race instruction Shooting clinic
Starting line Racers off Prone shooter
Prone shooter from Montana Jay shooting offhand Joan working w/ Junior shooter
Shootoff Another shoot-off Father and daughter duke it out
Joan and Allen duke it out