Shots from the Boseman, MT

Summer Biathlon

July 15, 2000

This page created 23 July 2000

The Boseman Summer Biathlon was organized by Scot Creel. (Thanks for putting on a great race Scott!) The race took place near Boseman, Montana in a private ski area. This is a spectacular venue - your first view as you pull into the parking lot is of the race registration cabin, with targets in the distance, and mountains in the background. The permanent range has targets set at 50m, and the 6 km course itself winds its way through a shady forest. Definately not Kansas (the elevation is above 7000 feet). The weatherwas, well picture perfect. Oh, and did I mention the food was good too!

This, and the West Yellowstone Race which occurred the next day are one of the ten National Series races which are used to determine National Team selection, based on a points system and criteria described on the USBA web page . This contributed to a pretty good turnout - probably close to one hundred biathletes, and the field was quite competitive. How did I do? Hmmm - well I had a lot of fun... ;-)

Your computer monitor color depth needs to be set to thousands for the colors or the pictures will not look right. This page will take a minute to load at 28.8 K baud. Click on a thumbnail picture to see the full-sized version. I used a moderate amount of compression on even the full-sized pictures in the interests of keeping download times reasonable - the original pictures are noticaebly better. Even with compression, the file sizes are roughly on the order of 80k/picture. Hope you enjoy them! By the way, if you can think of better captions, or if you have pictures you'd like to share, mail them to me at .

Registration building Match shooters zero Overlooking range
Match Womens start Womens start Womens start
Sport racers Sport racers Sport racers start?
Sport racers at prone station More prone The spectator gallery
Misc. shot The food table
Dave and Carl (Picture courtesy of Carl Rossi) Oh no! - I'm, last again! (Picture courtesy of Carl Rossi)